Hall Monitor

PDE Action monitors the halls of Congress and state legislatures on important votes taking place. Our Hall Monitor places parental rights at the center for decision-making on important bills that may become law.

“YES” on DEI Accountability and Transparency in Louisiana Schools (HB 904)

“CAUTION” on Creating Excused Mental Health Days for Ohio Students (HB 38)

“NO” on Non-Legal Name Changes for Students in Colorado Schools (HB 24-1039)

“NO” on Community Schools in Nebraska (LB 1347)

“YES” on Fiscal Accountability and Transparency in Wyoming Schools (HB 61)

“YES” on Blocking Taxpayer Dollars for DEI Expenditures in Arizona (SB 1005)

“YES” on Parental Consent Before Changing a Student’s Name or Pronouns in Arizona Schools (SB 1166)

“YES” on the Given Names Act in Missouri (SB 1256)

“YES” on Blocking Taxpayer Dollars for DEI Expenditures in Missouri (HB 2365 and SB 1314)

“YES” on Parental Consent Before Changing a Student’s Name or Pronouns in Kansas Schools (SB 207)

“NO” on Mental Health Assessments for Athletic Competition in Virginia (SB 395)

“YES” on the PROTECT Kids Act (U.S. House of Representatives)

“NO” on Redefining Bullying in Virginia Schools (HB 536)

“YES” on Parental Rights in California Schools (AB 1314)

“YES” on Parental Rights in Michigan (HB 5374)

“YES” on Parental Rights in Indiana (SB 46)

“YES” on Parental Rights in Wyoming Schools (SF 9)

“YES” on Parental Rights in Wisconsin Schools (AB 510)

“CAUTION” on replacing ‘school counselors’ with ‘mental health professionals’ in schools without necessary guardrails for parent inclusion in Arizona (House Bill 2041) 

“YES” on Tax Credits for Educational Expenses in Missouri (SB 729)

“YES” on Protecting Women’s Sports and Spaces in Nebraska (LB 575)

“YES” on South Carolina’s Parents Bill of Rights (SB 743)

“YES” on Missouri’s Parents Bill of Rights (HB 1739 and SB 728)

“YES” on the Kids Online Safety Act (U.S. Senate Bill 1409)

“NO” on social emotional learning in Kentucky schools (HB 88)

“YES” on Combatting the Lies of Authoritarians in School Systems Act (HR 5567)

“YES” on Protecting  Education from Malign Foreign Influence Act (S.3443)

“YES” on single-sex restroom and locker room facilities in Ohio public schools (HB 183)

“YES” on protecting women’s and girls’ sports in Wisconsin (AB 377 and AB 378)

“YES” on government accountability in Wisconsin (AB 145 and SB 117)

“YES” on protecting Families’ Rights and Responsibilities in South Carolina (HB 3485)

“YES” on the Parents’ Bill of Rights in Ohio (HB 8)

“YES” to Save Women’s Sports in Ohio (HB 6)

“YES” on fundamental parental rights in South Carolina (SB 234 and HB 3197)

“YES” on South Carolina’s Transparency and Integrity in Education Act (HB 3728)

“YES” on Removing High Risk Apps from Government Networks and Devices in North Carolina (SB 83)

“NO” on Race-Based Hiring Discrimination in North Carolina (Sections 1.10-1.12 of HB 885)

“YES” on Equality in Education in North Carolina (HB 187)

“YES” on Standards of Student Conduct in North Carolina (HB 188)

“YES” on opportunity scholarships in North Carolina (HB 823 and SB 406)

“YES” on the establishment of fundamental parental rights in Alabama (HB 6)

“YES” to confirming that the state of Indiana, its government, and government officials may not infringe on a parent’s right to direct the care and upbringing of their child (HB 1407)

“YES” to adding a parental rights amendment to the Louisiana state constitution (HB 152)

“YES” to establishing fundamental parental rights in New Hampshire (HB 10)

“YES” on establishing the Ohio Social Studies Taskforce (HB 103)

“YES” on establishing parental rights as fundamental in Pennsylvania (HB 966)

“YES” to establish an educational scholarship trust fund in South Carolina (SB 39)

“YES” to give Tennessee parents the ability review and opt their children into surveys and sex education programming (SB 1117 and HB 1411)

“YES” to give Tennessee parents the ability to review and opt their children into certain school programs and activities (SB 1443 and HB 727)

“YES” on the establishment of Educational Savings Accounts in Texas (HB 4340)

“YES” on parental notification in Virginia’s public schools (HB 2432)

“YES” on establishing fundamental parental rights in education in Virginia (HB 1507)

“YES” on codifying parental rights in Wyoming schools (SF 117)