HALL MONITOR: “YES” to adding a parental rights amendment to the Louisiana state constitution (HB 152)

PDE Action supports Louisiana HB 152.

Name: Louisiana House Bill 152

Summary: Originally, Louisiana House Bill 152 would have added a parental rights amendment to the Louisiana state constitution. This bill underwent many changes since it was first introduced. PDE Action supports the original fundamental parental rights legislation. 

Authors: Representative Beryl Amedee, Representative Raymond Garofalo

Sponsors develop an idea for a bill, sometimes with help from constituents, the governor, or other public officials. 

Bill Breakdown: 

The original bill simply stated: “The freedom of a parent in the nurture, education, care, custody, and control of the parent’s child is a fundamental right and shall not be infringed. Any restriction on this right should be subject to strict scrutiny.” 

The bill was later amended, adding certain obligations of parents and children:

  • The parent-child relationship plays a critical role in maintaining a child’s well-being. As such, parents have the responsibility to give their children life’s basic necessities and love and affection.
  • Parents have the right to raise their children according to their own values and traditions. Parents can make all decisions about where and with whom their child lives and their educational, moral, ethical, and religious upbringing as well as medical, psychiatric, surgical, and preventative healthcare. 
  • Children owe to their parents respect, obedience, and affection. The original bill, supported by PDE Action, did not contain this line. PDEA takes no position on this language. 

The government has a limited role in the family and should only intervene when there is a serious threat to the individuals in that family. Any law, rule, regulation, or decision diminishing parental rights must be limited in scope and done only for compelling government interest.  

Why did PDE Action support this bill? 

Parents, not the government, have the right to direct the care and upbringing of their children.    

PDE Action supports the component of Louisiana House Bill 152 that protect parental rights and ensure that parents may raise their children according to their own values and traditions. 

Families are the building block of society, and parents have the right to decide their children’s upbringing, care, and education. The government should not make decisions about a child without the parent’s knowledge or consent.

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If you are concerned that a child is facing abuse or neglect contact, contact Louisiana Child and Family Services