HALL MONITOR: “YES” on South Carolina’s Transparency and Integrity in Education Act (HB 3728)

Name:  House Bill 3728, the Transparency and Integrity in Education Act

Summary: Parents have the right to know what their children learn in school.

Introduced: January 18, 2023

Status: The original version of this bill passed the House, then the Senate, with amendments. The bill returned to the House for approval of the bill as amended, and failed in May 2023.

Bill Sponsors: Representatives Raye Felder and Adam Morgan

A sponsor is a legislator who presents a bill to the legislature to be considered for a vote

Bill Breakdown: House Bill 3728 would remove divisive race and gender ideology from public schools and ensure that public schools share their curricula for public review. Further, the bill states that parents are the primary source of education for their children’s morals and ethics.

Why does PDE Action support this bill?

Divisive race and gender ideology does not belong in America’s classrooms. Sewing division among American school children based on immutable traits like race or sex is wrong and it’s damaging to children. Any time spent playing politics in the classroom is time away from teaching kids reading, writing, and math. Children deserve better. PDE Action also supports any measure to make public schools more transparent to the parents and community members they serve. House Bill 3728 promotes curriculum transparency.

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