Name: Promoting Responsible Oversight to Eliminate Communist Teachings for our Kids (PROTECT) Kids Act. 

Summary: Would prohibit schools from receiving funds from the Chinese government and other entities affiliated with the Chinese Communist Party. 

Status: Introduced in the House of Representatives 

Sponsors: Representative Kevin Hern, (R, OK-1) 

Bill Breakdown: 

The PROTECT Kids Act would block federal funding for public K-12 schools that accept funds or otherwise partner with the Chinese government and its affiliated entities. 

Why does PDE Action support this bill? 

Parents Defending Education, our partner organization, released a report last summer that found that more than 140 school districts across the country—including 20 near U.S. military installations—had fostered ties with Communist China. With funding and support from the Chinese government, and entities affiliated with the Chinese Communist Party, districts established Confucius Classrooms for Chinese language and culture programming. 

America’s students deserve a plethora of language, culture, and science and technology education in their schools. At the same time, the Chinese government has no place in American schools. This bill would block American schools from fostering ties with China, thereby protecting our education system and our students.