HALL MONITOR: “YES” on the establishment of fundamental parental rights in Alabama (HB 6)

PDE Action supports HB 6, Relating to Parental Rights.

Name: Alabama House Bill 6, Relating to Parental Rights

Summary: Establishes fundamental parental rights in Alabama. 

Enacted: June 1, 2023

Bill Sponsor: Rep. Kenneth Paschal served 21 years in the US Army and retired in 2006.  He was elected to the Alabama Legislature in 2021. 

A sponsor is a legislator who presents a bill to the legislature to be considered for a vote

Bill Breakdown: Alabama House Bill 6 states that Alabama Supreme Court and United States Supreme Court have recognized that parents have a fundamental right to manage the care and upbringing of their children: “The liberty protected by the due process clause includes the fundamental right of parents to direct the education, upbringing, care, and control of their children.”

The government may not interfere with parental rights unless absolutely necessary. This includes for the health, safety, and wellbeing of a child. 

The bill does not authorize any parent to engage in child abuse or neglect.* 

Why did PDE Action support this bill? 

Parents, not the government, have the right to direct the care and upbringing of their children.

PDE Action supports Alabama House Bill 6 because it protects parental rights and ensures that no government or state official may interfere with these rights unless it is necessary to protect a child. 

Families are the building block of society, and parents have the right to decide their children’s upbringing, care, and education. The government should not make decisions about a child without the parent’s knowledge or consent. 

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*If you are concerned that a child is facing abuse or neglect contact Alabama Child Protective Services.