HALL MONITOR: “YES” to establishing fundamental parental rights in New Hampshire (HB 10)

PDE Action supports New Hampshire HB 10.

Name: New Hampshire HB 10, Establishing the Parental Bill of Rights

Summary: This bill enumerates parental rights in the state of New Hampshire through its Parents’ Bill of Rights.

Sponsors: Representatives Sherman Packard,  Jeffrey Greeson, Paul Terry, Steven Smith, Jason Osborne, Debra DeSimone, Mark Alliegro, Laurie Sanborn, Deborah Hobson, John Potucek

A sponsor is a legislator who presents a bill to the legislature to be considered for a vote.  

Bill Breakdown: All parental rights are reserved to the parent of a minor child in this state without obstruction or interference from the state, any of its political subdivisions, including, without limitation, any school board, school district, or school administrative unit, any other governmental entity, or any other institution. 

 A state employee including, any school board, school district, or school administrative unit, who encourages or coerces, or attempts to encourage or coerce, a minor child to withhold information from his or her parent may be subject to disciplinary action.

Each school board, school district, or school administrative unit shall, in consultation with parents, teachers, and administrators, develop, adopt a policy to promote parental involvement in public schools.

A health care practitioner or an individual employed by such health care practitioner may not provide health care services or medicinal drugs to a minor child without written parental consent except for emergency services.

The bill was introduced during the 2023 legislative session. It was laid on the table in the New Hampshire House of Representatives, meaning that the bill was passed over for consideration. 

Why did PDE Action support this bill? 

PDE Action believes that parents, not the government, have the right to direct the care and upbringing of their children.  

Parents Defending Education supports New Hampshire House Bill 10 because it protects parental rights by ensuring that no government or state official may withhold information from parents about a child. Moreover, the bill says that school boards, districts, or administrative units must create a policy that promotes parental involvement in public schools. 

Families are the building block of society, and parents have the right to decide their children’s upbringing, care, and education. The government should not make decisions about a child without the parent’s knowledge or consent.

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If you are concerned that a child is facing abuse or neglect contact contact Child Protection and Juvenile Justice.