STATEMENT: PDE Action Supports Rep. Aaron Bean’s TRACE Act

June 11, 2024

It is no secret that part of China’s strategy is to gain a foothold in America’s education system and potentially manipulate the material children are being taught. That is why our partner organization, Parents Defending Education, worked to release a thorough report exposing how millions of dollars from the Chinese Communist Party have flowed into America’s K-12 schools. 

Parents have a right to know when their children’s schools are accepting foreign funding and potentially risking the safety of students, teachers, staff while egregiously compromising data security and enabling intellectual property theft. Representative Aaron Bean’s (FL-04) TRACE Act is the solution needed to fix this critical information gap. It is a pro-parent bill that will ensure families receive the transparency they deserve to have if America’s adversaries are trying to push money into our classrooms. PDE Action is proud to stand by this legislation and we urge lawmakers to support it, so it can be signed into law and help make our schools more secure against foreign threats.

Michele Exner, Director of Federal Affairs, PDE Action