State Board of Education

Georgia State Board of Education

Who's on your state board of education?

The Board consists of 14 Governor-appointed members all of whom are confirmed by the Georgia State Senate.

Have an issue with state curriculum standards or other education issues?

Contact your Board of Education.


When's the next election/appointment?

All 14 members are appointed by the governor. Georgia elected Brian Kemp in 2022. The next election is in 2026, and whomever is the governor will appoint the school board members.

The Georgia

Department of Education

Georgia State Department of Education

“The Georgia Department of Education oversees public education throughout the state, ensuring that laws and regulations pertaining to education are followed and that state and federal money appropriated for education is properly allocated to local school systems.

The department also informs parents, teachers, government officials, and the media of education-related news.”

How did your district perform during the 2021-2022 school year? Check your district’s report card.

The Georgia


Use this tool to find your state representative and state senator.

Similar to Congress, the Georgia General Assembly is divided into the House of Representatives and Senate. Your Senate Education Committee Members can be found here, and your House Education Committee Members can be found here.

These committees conduct hearings, review, and amend bills proposed by a member of their legislative chamber. They also review bills after they have been passed by the other chamber of legislature. Remember, both chambers must pass a bill before it goes to the governor’s desk for a signature or a veto.

School Boards

Atlanta Public Schools and Muscogee County School District will hold school board elections in 2023. Ballotpedia tracks school board races in the largest 200 cities in the United States. You can read more about Georgia’s 2023 school board races on this Ballotpedia page

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