PDE Action Endorses Senator Tim Scott’s ‘RECOVER’ Act

August 8, 2022

Virtual learning took an immeasurable toll on the well-being and academic performance of American students during the coronavirus pandemic. Despite receiving billions of dollars in federal aid under the American Rescue Plan, public schools were reluctant to reopen. And as a result, American students have fallen far behind in vital subjects like reading and math.

Instead of addressing learning loss, school administrators are now focusing their time and attention—as well as taxpayer dollars—on contracts with “social-emotional learning” consultants who push woke garbage on our children.

Public schools’ failure to educate American children during the pandemic reveals an important truth about the role parents play in their child’s education: Parents—not school officials—know best what their child needs to learn and thrive.

Today, PDE Action proudly endorses Senator Tim Scott’s “Raising Expectations for Child Opportunity Vouchers for Educational Recovery (RECOVER)” Act. This act would grant parents access to unallocated American Rescue Plan dollars in the form of scholarships, which they can spend on qualified educational materials and resources for their children.

PDE Action believes that parents should be in the driver’s seat when it comes to making educational decisions for their children. Senator Scott is a champion for parents and parents’ rights, and his RECOVER Act gives parents the means and the ability to care for their child’s personal learning needs.


Download this press release here.